Tii lukee.

And reads. Och läser. Og læser. Und liest.

Tii is the name. According to my passport, I am a Finnish woman, 21 years of age.

I am a university student. Yes, I am proud of it. I am of the first generation in my family that has the opportunity for this kind of education.

I am majoring in Scandinavian languages. I know it sounds odd to a non-Scandinavian ear, but it is really a rather useful thing to study up here. Especially if you are a Finn, like I am. As I continue with my studies, I am most likely going to concentrate on literature. (Surprise!)

Currently, I am minoring in English Philology. (I know it is hard to believe when reading my English. :D) I am not sure, though, if I wish to study it that much.

The latest addition to my collection of subjects to study is Information Sciences. Yes, my dears, I am going to become a librarian. This is your chance to flee for your lives.

I enjoy reading. I am not too picky when it comes to genres. I enjoy reading modern Finnish fantasy as much as I enjoy reading English poetry from the 16th century.

It is not just the words on the pages that I love, no. I enjoy books. My heaven is a book store – or an antiquarian! – with endless rows of book spines. Needless to say, I spend most of my “spare” money on books – usually at the expense of food and other unnecessary stuff like that.

I read in mostly in Finnish, Swedish and English, and I write a short review of each book I have read – in the language in which I have read it. Usually, I also translate the review into English. After all, there are not that many people in this world who speak Finnish or Swedish – and I am an ambitious little bugger, after all. I try to read at least one book a week, and review it as soon as I can.

Children’s books are a big passion of mine – even though I have not really gotten into reading them this year. I am seriously considering about writing my thesis on them, when I get to that point.

I consider it a matter of honour to have read every single book that I review in this blog. My opinions may not always be my own, but it does not mean that I would not have weighed them. I enjoy playing with words, but due to my rather twisted sense of humour, my verbal genius is seldom noticed. (Such a shame, really.)

I am a sucker for accents. I utterly enjoy Phonetics, even though I know next to nothing of it. But when I thought about what I really want from my life, I decided to concentrate on books (or literature) rather than pronunciation. But that does not mean that I would not get a kick out of phonetic analysis.

Currently, I am writing a rather public blog in Finnish. On top of that, I have two anonymous blogs, one in English and the other in Swedish. Should you wish to read one or more of those, feel free to contact me and ask for details, such as the URL address of the said blog.

I would also be happy if you were kind enough to leave a comment after your visit. Or even friend me. One can never have too many friends, after all.

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